"When wine guides sing their songs in autumn"

Oscars, awards and the top marks go to South Tyrolean wines!
The Vinum Hotels South Tyrol November Wine Letter is dedicated to the success of South Tyrolean wines in wine guides!

South Tyrol has special status everywhere in Austria. But not for sport. And not for wine. Our wine business still has a few home runs in the west, only few pallets are sold in the east.

Therefore one should be glad about the fact that "Falstaff", the Austrian gastro-gourmet & wine guide also contains a chapter on South Tyrol.
We hold the tireless South Tyrolean wine author Othmar Kiem accountable for this, who together with his assistant Simon evaluated over 250 wines like a little tasting machine duo. The new Falstaff Wine Guide 2021 for Austria and South Tyrol has just come out. Over 3000 contemporary wines have been tasted and evaluated in the new edition, 3000 of which are described in detail; 480 wineries are featured and classified; over 1500 procurement sources in Austria, South Tyrol, Germany and Switzerland are given. Over 40 wineries and wine cellars from South Tyrol are represented and 250 wines from the latest vintages are listed.

Kiem sees white as South Tyrol's wine future: "In recent years, the traditional red wine region of South Tyrol has become a white wine region. From a former 20 percent, the stake of white wines has increased to just under 60 percent". And Kiem emphatically defends the decision of his fellow wine growers: "In Italy, white wine from South Tyrol is one of the top products.

In the new edition of Falstaff, South Tyrolean white wine league-leaders even managed to score 98 points (Rarity 2007 Pinot Blanc, Terlan Winery) and 97 points (Appius Weiss, 2015, St. Michael/Eppan Winery) - among the award-winning red wines, a Pinot Noir stands out with 97 points out of 100: "The Wine Collection" Pinot Noir Riserva 2016, St. Michael Winery.
Italian wine guides love our wines and the diversity of our terroirs - 

Luca Maroni, a curious word wizard among wine authors, raves about the >vino frutto< of our richer red wines - in his new edition of the Annuario dei Migliori Vini Italiani wine guide, Maroni awards two wines from the Pfitscher Winery in Montan 94 points: Gewürztraminer Riserva Rutter 2018 and Sauvignon Blanc Saxum 2019.

Daniele Cernilli, fond of opulent spice and elegance in a glass, celebrates our Pinot Noir, Gewürztraminer and Pinot Blanc with songs of praise. Cernilli and his rigorous wine jurors of the wine guide Doctor Wine awarded no less than 24 South Tyrolean top wines 95 out of 100 points among which finally also a South Tyrolean premium sparkling wine: Comitissa Pas Dosé Riserva 2016 from Lorenz Martini, Girlan

And in recent years, "Gambero" has continuously crowned Gewürztraminer and Lagrein as "signori vini" or "wines for gentlemen". "Gambero Rosso" is by far the most important Italian wine guide. A winery presented in "Gambero" with “3 glasses” is the same as giving it a name for itself, a location, a suit to wear, a crown to adorn, a sceptre to hold and a character to boast all at the same time.

The best Gewürztraminer in Italy: according to Gambero Rosso, Nussbaumer Gewürztraminer from Tramin Winery is not only the best Gewürztraminer in 2021 but also the most awarded Gewürztraminer in the history of its publication! For 7 consecutive vintages, this wine has been awarded the coveted "Tre Bicchieri" (3 glasses) distinction! More prize-winning consistency in quality for a South Tyrolean Gewürztraminer does not exist!

It is no wine wonder that all the awarded South Tyrolean premium wines are stored in the exclusive wine cellars of Vinum Hotels South Tyrol, well looked after & waiting for inquisitive wine enthusiasts from all over the world! To your very good health!
The Vinum Hotel December Wine Letter
"Strong women in the vineyard, in the cellar and at the control desk" - courageous and visionary South Tyrolean wine women

Inspired by the Italian "Donne del Vino" which promotes the knowledge and culture of wine and the leading role played by women in the Italian winemaking industry, there are also energetic women in the traditionally male-dominated South Tyrolean wine scene, who have stirred up, enriched & qualitatively advanced the wine industry with creativity and vigour.
The pioneer in this respect was certainly the Tramin-based yet cosmopolitan Elena Walch, who has been regularly presenting first-class wines at her eponymous estate for over three decades, and who also causes quite a commotion at international wine fairs.

The Vinum Hotels South Tyrol December Wine Letter is dedicated to the pioneering work of South Tyrolean women winemakers and oenologists! They work as vintners and in the cellar, are oenologists, sommeliers, experts and marketing strategists and contribute to the success of the South Tyrolean wine industry. This applies to sales in this country as well as on an international scale. The woman is deemed the soul of farm and farmhouse.

The role women play in the wine industry has long since evolved even in South Tyrol.