May Wine Letter - "Marlinger Weinkuchl"

The smallest and most relaxed wine event in South Tyrol
From 25th May to 9th June, "Marlinger Weinkuchl" will take place for the fourth time. The village of Marling stretches across a hill, west of Meran. Located in the immediate vicinity of the spa town, Marling offers the benefits of the city and at the same time the tranquillity of rural surroundings. At "Marlinger Weinkuchl" wine is the focus in the Marling tavern-like kitchens. Traditional-style cooking as well as innovative dishes, with wine as the main ingredient will be on offer. Needless to say, accompanied by specially selected wines from Marling’s wine estates and the Meran Winery. A must for all guests staying at VINUM-Hotels South Tyrol!
In addition, participating restaurants take turns to hold wine tastings from Marling’s wineries and vineyard estates. Participating businesses: Bistro Restaurant Fiorello - Gasthof Rosemarie - Restaurant Vinumgarten - as well as the innovators and initiators of renowned VINUM-Hotels South Tyrol: - Romantik Hotel Oberwirt and Hotel Paradies. Special evenings for wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs will be held in Restaurant Oberwirt under the motto: "Wine - Spirit - Eros". The sommelier Ingrid Egger accompanies guests through a delicious menu with light literary fare and through the world of wine and love, which not only challenges the mind but also tickles the taste buds. Full-bodied wines are proffered with humour, sensuality and eroticism. At the Rosemarie Inn, the wine menu created especially for the occasion is accompanied by wines from the Pardellerhof-Montin Winery. Winegrower Erwin Eccli presents his fine wines and provides you with lots of interesting information about this exciting topic. For the first time, a new, small winery with home-grown wines enters the South Tyrolean wine stage with its 2012 vintage: Pardellerhof Montin owned by brothers David and Erwin Eccli (master cellarman): "Pardellerhof is a historic farm in Marling, whose origins date back to the 13th century”. Whereas Montin in Salurn is the local name for Family Eccli. The Salurner-Marlinger ensemble boasts 5 rarities: Pinot Grigio, Lagrein, Meraner Hügel-Vernatsch, Chardonnay and in homeopathic quantities, a sweet delight: Goldmuskateller Passito.
For their part in Marlinger Weinkuchl, Restaurant Hotel Waldschenke presents its small, very fine culinary festival on the Marlinger Waal (a quaint waterway): "Star chef Gamper Karl and his team will send you off on a gourmet journey! >Finger food with "Steil", a sparkling wine aperitif from the Geier Winery >5-course tasting menu with befitting wine accompaniments from the Marlinger wineries Popphof, Plonerhof, Pardellerhof-Montin, Gruberhof and the Meran Winery. >And finally, an after-dinner drink from the Lahnerhof farm distillery."
Whether new, innovative or traditional tried and tested dishes: every day during these two weeks of the Marlinger Weinkuchl, wine is the focus in Bistro & Restaurant Fiorello. The VINUM-Hotel South Tyrol hotelier Family Waldner is letting us know: "exclusive wine tastings will be held in our restaurant on the evenings of 26/05/2019 & 02/06/2019": the first winemaker's evening is with Erhard Tutzer from the Plonhof Winery, then with the legendary winegrower Andreas Menz: "the owner and cellar master of Popphof in Marling who with great commitment dedicates his time to the winemaking profession.” The grapes used for these high-quality, award-winning reds and whites thrive on roughly four hectares of vineyards. Around 25,000 bottles of Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon, Goldmuskateller, Rosè, Meraner (Vernatsch), Lagrein and Merlot are bottled annually. In keeping with our winemaking credo: "careful work on the vines is the first step towards a fine wine".
The VINUM-Hotel - June Wine Letter:
Light Mediterranean-South Tyrolean vegetable cuisine paired with premium local wines.

In sunny South Tyrol, cultural and scenic diversity is reflected not only in the way of life, but also in cooking pots: clean, homely Alpine cuisine and light Mediterranean cuisine. The winelands of South Tyrol are considered one of the most renowned wine regions in Italy and are undisputedly at the forefront of white wines in particular: Terlan Sauvignon usually offered with traditional asparagus dishes in the spring, is now causing an international sensation and is also receiving high awards among leading wine guides. In VINUM-Hotels South Tyrol the menu is defined by modern, light cuisine with seasonally selected vegetable delicacies from South Tyrolean gardens. And the experienced sommeliers of VINUM-Hotels South Tyrol always know to recommend the right wine with even the most intense wild herb dishes. For example, how about the lesser known Lagrein Rosé, also known as "Kretzer" in South Tyrol? To your very good health! Santé! Cheers!