Marlinger Weinkuchl

Marling Weinkuchl
From May 26 to June 10, "Marlinger Weinkuchl" will take place for the third time. The village of Marling stretches across a hill west of Meran. Located in the immediate vicinity of the spa town, Marling offers the benefits of the city and at the same time the tranquility of a rural environment. Marling is an attractive wine village and seat of the Meraner Burggräfler wine cellar cooperative, not forgetting two aspiring wineries producing homemade wines: Popphof (Andreas Menz) and Pardellhof-Montin (Erwin Eccli). And then there’s Josef Waldner, aka: "Oberwirt" Sepp, the wine enthusiast and hotelier, who has been running this Romantik and VINUM Hotel since 1973 and as stated in the brochure, "has harmonized the quaint, traditional atmosphere of the hotel with modern, contemporary luxury."

At "Marlinger Weinkuchl" wine is the focus of the Marling tavern-like kitchens. Traditional-style cooking as well as innovative dishes, with wine as the main ingredient and accompanied by specially selected wines will be on offer. In addition, participating restaurants take turns to hold wine tastings from Marling wineries and vineyard estates. Participating businesses: Bistro Restaurant Fiorello - Gasthof Rosemarie - Restaurant Vinumgarten - as well as the innovators and initiators, renowned VINUM-Hotels South Tyrol: - Romantik Hotel Oberwirt and Hotel Paradies.
The Pircher family has been running VINUM-Hotel Paradise with passionate commitment for eleven years. These wine-loving restaurateurs’ maxim is the agenda: "hospitality encounters culinary delight!" Two walk-in, magnificently renovated wine barrels in the garden are romantic proof of living wine culture. Here, guests can learn about the exciting wine history of South Tyrol with a glass of Marling wine. At "Marlinger Weinkuchl" VINUM-Hotel Paradies offers special tastings as well as wine evenings with respected South Tyrolean oenologists.
The WeinGutFest at Plonerhof on May 26 offers the perfect prelude to the promising culinary expedition of "Marlinger Weinkuchl" themed on wine. Guests can enjoy fine vintages of wines and sparkling wines from Marling wineries: Weingut Plonhof, Pardellerhof Montin, Innerleiterhof, Schloss Plars, Popphof. The driving force of Marlinger Weinkuchl is Sepp Waldner, gourmet restaurant owner "Oberwirt" and a passionate wine grower and wine producer with his premium "Eichenstein" wines. Through his acquaintance with Hartmann Doná (former oenologist at Terlan Winery, later a freelance vintner) the desire to ferment and the idea to found a small winery presented itself. Waldner found the ideal area, a vineyard on Freiberg, on a wonderful high altitude (550m) part of Meran: Eichenstein, 3.5ha of vines, protected southwest location, with a soil already known from the best Terlan vineyards - porphyry quartzite and granite soils rich in minerals.
At Vinum and Romantik Hotel Oberwirt there will be a winemaker's table featuring the master wine cellarman from Meran Winery on May 30 and on June 6 the master wine cellarman from Pardellerhof-Montin. These experienced oenologists will dine with guests, giving "Paradise" guests the unique opportunity to hear interesting South Tyrolean wine anecdotes in a relaxed atmosphere.
With the 2012 vintage, a new, small winery entered the South Tyrolean wine scene for the first time: Pardellerhof Montin of brothers David and Erwin Eccli (master wine cellarman): Pardellerhof is a historic farm in Marling, whose origins date back to the 13th century. Montin, however, is in Salurn and is the local name for the surname Eccli. From the Salurn and Marling sites, 5 rarities are produced: Pinot Grigio/Pinot Gris, Lagrein, Meraner Hügel Vernatsch, Chardonnay and minute quantities of a precious dessert wine: Goldmuskateller Passito.
Erwin Eccli is organizing winemakers’ evenings at VINUM-Hotel Paradies on May 31 and June 7 and his wine and cellar colleague Erhard Ploner from Plonerhof will be there on and June 1 and 8. These evening events will be held in Restaurant Vinumgarten under the vine arbor weather permitting, in the traditional wine barrel or otherwise in their comfortable wine cellar. The number of participants is limited, therefore reservations are recommended.

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