"Wines to fall in love with!"

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The biggest misunderstanding between the male and female genders in Manuel Vazquez Montalban's crime novels always arises when it comes to food and drink. An example: "Fried eggs with chorizo!", he enthuses - “And?", she says. Unimpressed by her boredom, he continues: "When well-pricked sausages release fat during frying, they are taken out of the pan & kept warm. The calorie bomb then comes from sizzling the eggs in the hot sausage fat. But it tastes fantastic." - she needs to articulate herself more clearly now: "If I had known that, I wouldn't have married you."

At South Tyrolean Vinum Hotels, these misunderstandings can never arise: here, worldly experienced wine waiters & waitresses give expert advice and here, master chefs bring heaven to earth. Enjoy the finest wine rarities from South Tyrol Vinum Hotels’ wine repositories in candlelit wine cellars, strengthen old friendships, initiate new love affairs and revive tired relationships.... The Vinum Hotels South Tyrol May Wine Letter is dedicated to the fervour of wine!
South Tyrolean sparkling wine - made naturally using the classic method of fermentation in the bottle! - makes you feel merry and after a few glasses, spring fever arises in lovers. In particular, when the host's name is Sepp Reiterer, the senior chief of "Arunda" - Europe’s highest altitude sparkling wine producer. 200 years after the Benedictine Monks of Saint-Hillaire created sparkling wine in their monastery, Madame Pompadour, Louis XV’s royal mistress, finally managed to make sparkling wine respectable among the so-called high society of the time. Pompadour, who drank sparkling wine time and again & then again said while taking a whole bath in it, "Champagne is the only wine that leaves a woman beautiful after drinking it."

Madame Lily Bollinger's answer to a Daily Mail reporter's question about the occasions on which she drank champagne is legendary: "I drink Champagne when I’m happy and when I’m sad. Sometimes I drink it when I’m alone. When I have company, I consider it obligatory. I trifle with it if I’m not hungry and drink it when I am. Otherwise, I never touch it, unless I’m thirsty. "

Well, every season calls, shouts or demands suitable wines: Master cellarman and also many among the experienced sommeliers at Vinum South Tyrol Hotels swear by a rosé wine to combat the so typical springtime lethargy. The rosé here in South Tyrol is traditionally called "Kretzer" because in former times, after a being left to stand for a certain amount time, the grape must was poured through a Kretze or wicker basket to separate the Flítschen and Stingel (berry skins and stems) from the juice. Lagrein Kretzer almost disappeared in the 1990s but can now be found again on South Tyrolean wine lists. The rugged Lagrein Kretzer of older times was indeed well liked.

Josephus Mayr from Unterganznerhof produces an above-average "regular" Lagrein Kretzer in his cellar in Bozen but he is so convinced by the potential of this so very typical South Tyrolean rosé wine that he even produces a Lagrein Spätlese! A breathtakingly fruity Lagrein Kretzer, redolent of strawberries, a true emissary of quality for the entire South Tyrolean winegrowing region!
The Vinum Hotel June Wine Letter
"Sports around the vineyards!" - hiking, cycling, running, exploring a landscape of grapevines

The first South Tyrolean educational wine trails (from "Schtuck" in the plains up to "Leitn", with detailed information boards on viticulture) were paved through the quaint wine villages of Kurtatsch and Girlan. Every Wednesday, wine experts from the village offer, "guided wine walks". The idea of these walks is to undertake a pleasurable short hike so in total about 3.5 hours should be planned, of which only 1 hour is "actual" walking time. Since most of the wine trail is a hiking trail, sturdy shoes are most definitely advisable. For those who would like to learn more about the origins of wine, or more specifically, about grapevines, a walk along "Hoher Weg" – a nature & wine trail in Girlan is recommended. This is a wine hiking trail where hikers can gather background information and find more in-depth detail about the grapevine on numerous information boards. In recent years, a number of societies and institutions have planted more than 100 native plant species along the wine hiking trail and have created seating areas where hikers can rest or simply enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

The Vinum Hotels South Tyrol June Wine Letter is dedicated to sports activities amidst the grapevines!