"Which wine do women drink? Which one men? Which wine does the senior love, which the junior? ....

- casual anecdotes on customs & practices, preferences & passion - all over a glass of wine
In the past, wine waiters were on the one hand very dignified & reserved and on the other hand sometimes very elaborate on the topic of wine: "One could fill entire volumes on wines and on the science of wine alone. Therefore, only the most important basics are explained here: of course, white wine comes from white grapes, red wine from red grapes. But what many wine enthusiasts don't know: red wine will only get its colour from the fact that the grape must ...." Oh God, oh God! Just imagine that the champagne has already been poured & no one in the circle dares take the first sip because the wine waiter's loooong explanation still hasn’t come to an end.

Today the sommeliers at Vinum Hotels South Tyrol are much faster, much more confident, spark(l)ing good humour & at least as effervescently witty as the most delightful champagnes. "Which wine do women drink? Which one men? Which wine does the senior love, which the junior? …. -

The August Wine Letter is dedicated to easy-going wine chat in Vinum Hotels South Tyrol!
Doctors at Santa Maria Nuova Hospital in Florence found in a trial that red wine not only reduces the risk of diabetes, is good for the heart and can prevent memory loss, it also increases sexual lust - especially in women! And indeed, red wine also has the same effect on men. Quercetin, a plant pigment contained in red wine, promotes the release of the sex hormone testosterone. However, this positive effect only comes into play with the first two glasses of red wine. After that, it' s all downhill and then there's the risk of falling into a sudden deep sleep instead of a romantic lovemaking session.

Do men like it smoky, spicy? Do women prefer floral and fruity wines? - Do men love raunchy wines, fat cigars, fast cars, mature wines, young women? Do women enthuse about good rum & young men, cigarillos, vintage convertibles & champagne? - Well, not even at Vinum Hotels South Tyrol can so many preconceptions be accommodated for at the drop of a hat and in a matter of seconds. Of course, at Vinum Hotels South Tyrol the vaults are phenomenally well stocked and equipped with the best wines, distillates, champagnes and sparkling wines! And experienced sommeliers know from the history of South Tyrol that the most famous rosé wine of the region, Lagrein Kretzer, for example, can get the blood pumping in both men and women due to its slightly higher malic acid content. Expressed in more contemporary terms: Lagrein Kretzer is a smashing wine for men and women!

And: guests of the 21st century are very open to the unorthodox. This even applies to business dinners, writes celebrity chef Vincent Klink: "There are countries where business people only trust hard-drinking comrades: Anyone who still isn't talking nonsense after ten grappas is also capable of running his or her company well."
The Vinum Hotel September Wine Letter
"How do you eat this? How do you eat that? And what do you drink with it? Help, I don't want to cut a poor figure!" – on the strict & not so strict, the serious and tongue-in-cheek practices of our times

Behaviour - of course in the sense of: c-o-r-r-e-c-t behaviour is a matter of luck! Sometimes bad luck also comes into play, for example when a snail slips out of the tongs across the table and into someone else's plate. Or when an olive stone or a cherry stone or some other seed is shot at your shirt from an unknown direction as if it came out of a catapult.

Adolf Freiherr von Knigge, the pioneer of good etiquette, also turned a blind eye in his famous guide to behaviour and wrote: "Don't be too much of a slave to others' opinions of you, be free! In the end, why do you care about the whole world's opinion if you do what you are supposed to do?

Attentive waiters and waitresses at Vinum Hotels South Tyrol are not only well-trained, they also cultivate the typically relaxed South Tyrolean way of being with guests. According to Baron von Knigge, even guests from luxury hotels should be allowed to uninhibitedly pluck and suck, tease and tear, crumble and dunk ...

The September Wine Letter is dedicated to cheerful code of conduct in Vinum Hotels South Tyrol!