Vinum Hotels Club

Get your special wine experience
Exclusive privileges for members!

Every guest who has stayed at a Vinum Hotel South Tyrol now has the chance to become a member of the Vinum Hotels Club. As a club member, you will receive stylish gifts, are placed on the VIP list at our special events, are updated in real time about current highlights and news and will receive amazing privileges:
1. Gifts

A sip of South Tyrol to unwrap: Wine loyalty will be rewarded – especially that of our club members. Throughout the year, we're thinking of you and want to bring you joy with special gifts. Exclusive gifts to unwrap, to browse through, to taste and enjoy... Sometimes a precious bottle of wine sent to your home or a candlelight dinner accompanied by a fine wine or wine tasting in a traditional wine cellar.

Look forward to...

  • wine and lifestyle magazines sent to your home several times a year
  • free delivery of wines from the Vinum Hotels South Tyrol wine growers, several times a year
  • for every stay at Vinum Hotels South Tyrol, an additional service reserved for members only, such as a special dinner in the wine cellar personally attended by the hotel's sommelier.

2. Events

Wine fever, wine fever, we know how to drink it... The red carpet is being rolled out. It's almost here, our absolute star! From the famous Merano WineFestival to the Bolzano Wine Tasting event, the Caldaro Wine Days or the Night of the Cellars - South Tyrolean wine prominently shines in the limelight. And psst... exclusive for members only, there will be fantastic special club events held in small numbers at hip locations. See you there!

3. Insider

To pour a pure wine is interpreted as telling the truth – straight up... thirst for wine knowledge? We can quench it for you! Even if you're not actually at a Vinum Hotel, it will feel as if you are. We keep you up to date around the clock - from harvesting to bottling to barrel samplings... Exclusive bottles in limited editions? You'll always be the first to know! A Lagrein tasting taking place at a Vinum Hotel? As a club member, you're always welcome! Important information for club members can also be found in the wine journal, the newsletter and on the social media wall. You’re always up to date.

4. Privileges

Get your special wine experience...
with exclusive privileges in 29 Vinum Hotels and their many partner businesses (wineries, gourmet shops etc.) all over South Tyrol!

Become a member and get access to our exclusive Vinum Hotels Club App! Our staff at the hotel receptions of Vinum Hotels South Tyrol will be more than happy to register you.