Vinum Hotel South Tyrol: Spitalerhof Klausen

A Backdrop To Yearn For
Raise the curtain for first-rate wines, culture & gourmet pleasures!

Spitalerhof, a Vinum Winery & Gourmet Hotel - located at the gates of Klausen, the city of artists - reopens its doors in April 2021 after extensive re-styling!

Vinum Hotels South Tyrol are a blend of pleasure, well-being, culture, architecture: as crisp as the Alps, as fragrant as the south, as harmonious as mountain folk, as elegant as the 2500-year history of winemaking and as rich in contrasts as the landscape.

The comfortable ambience and the individually furnished rooms lend a particular sense of well-being to the already hospitable Vinum Hotel Spitalerhof. During the exemplary renovation project, emphasis was placed on sourcing natural materials as well as the utilisation of raw materials from the region. Tastefully and with great care, the time-honoured walls have been transformed into a homely haven with every modern comfort.
Kitchen chef Michael "Muga", hotel boss, an inventive thinker, jack-of-all-trades, farmer and passionate winemaker serves high-quality South Tyrolean specialities and Mediterranean delicacies - perfection and sensory intensity cannot be surpassed here. Trusted and experienced wine experts are the surest guarantee that a meal at Spitalerhof will also be an unforgettable wine experience.

"In March 2021, the doors will open to a new Spitalerhof, offering even more pleasure and enjoyment. Even more room to do what we love so much. Somewhere between traditional vineyard charm and zeitgeist, with newly designed rooms and suites with loggia. And holiday experiences like a night in a wine barrel! Two particularly vinous units are being created in our garden area - complete with a private Swiss pine terrace and whirlpool. The spaciously extended terrace with a pergola, fountain and fireplace offers enough space to spend warm summer evenings in convivial company or for courtyard parties, the odd evening of late aperitifs and exuberant barbecue parties. A new meeting place for young and old, for guests, locals and bon vivants. In the future, vehicles will be parked in the new basement car park and lifts will ensure barrier-free access to all your favourite places in the hotel."

An idiosyncratic architectural style runs through the Spitalerhof oasis of pleasure and gives it its own character. The location, the facade of the building and its furnishings not only reflect the intentions and disposition of the designer, but are also an expression of the mindset from the time in which it was built. "Why does our natural pool bear Grandpa Sepp’s name? That's a little story that goes back some time, 1968 to be precise. A time when German holidaymakers in particular were increasingly drawn towards the south - to Lake Garda! Some guests probably even shortened their stay at Spitalerhof for a side trip to Lake Garda. To cheer our grandfather up, who was wondering about this new trend, a loyal regular guest said: "Sepp, why don't you build a lake - then we won't have to go any further!" No sooner said than done. At that time, not many hotels had their own outdoor swimming pool - and our grandfather was proud of this tremendous achievement. Today, our Seppl See is a natural swimming pool that does not require any chlorine or other chemical additives thanks to a cleverly devised natural water treatment system. Sepp would have loved it!"

Every wine aficionado is in search of unique adventures and passion. To a large extent South Tyrolean wines have retained their originality and regional identity, in particular the Eisack Valley speciality wines from Spitalerhof such as Grüner Veltliner, Sylvaner, Müller Thurgau or Riesling: they taste of wind and weather, of gravel, moraine and loamy soils, sometimes of an ideal vintage and sometimes of an unruly vintage. But they are always wines with a clearly identifiable style, they are irregular and exciting like the mountains on whose slopes they grow, which is also why they awaken a certain curiosity. They reveal how wine is made, from the grape onwards; how the soil and the weather influence the taste of the grapes; what the cellar master does exactly and how to best enjoy the wine.

And now, ta-daaaah! Raise the curtain for the entire Spitalerhof family:

Proprietress with Bavarian roots and a knack for eye-catching food presentation. Not originally from a hospitality background yet an enthusiastic cook and proud founder of her own ice-cream company. Her favourite Spitalerhof drink: Gin "Waschtl"

The boss’s sister, former harvest queen, Swiss pine cushion producer and first point of contact at the reception. An inexhaustible source of insider tips with a soft spot for France. Her favourite dish: roast South Tyrolean chestnuts.

Senior boss and good soul of the hotel. Passionate hostess, mountaineer and in-the-know on the Dolomites. Always up for a chat and a glass of wine and ready with an exclusive hiking tip. Her favourite wine: the home-grown Sauvignon.

The senior boss with green fingers and a gentle soul who lives out his passion in the garden. Keeper of Lake Seppl, early riser, grandchild and Marley (the dog) sitter, professional breakfast egg man. His favourite food: home-made sausage with sauerkraut.

Leonie und Felix
Introducing the next generation at Spitalerhof. Leonie is attending hotel management school and enjoys helping out in the family business just as much as her little brother Felix, who is known as the "Bomber" on the football pitch.

The real boss at Spitalerhof. Responsible for noisily welcoming guests and a secret limelight-hogger. Fond of people, sceptical of other dogs and a penchant for chasing cats at night. His favourite food: dog treats.
"At Saltus, we constantly search for new methods and techniques in relaxation and recreation. Therefore, the Saltus Relaxation Program designed to provide long-term stress relief incorporates the teachings of yoga, meditation, forest bathing and progressive muscle relaxation - and now also includes the applied arts. Once a week, your own muse can be pursued at length.

From watercolour to acrylics to Advent wreath-making, this relaxing me-time focuses on creative pursuits. For this to happen, we are offering theme-interrelated art retreats several times a year, hosted by experts in their respective field."

The staff at the Vinum Hotel Saltus