"Velvet blue skies, heady wine, sweet sensuality"

Long-lasting South Tyrolean reds from the best locations
Grands Crus are the best locations. The term "grand cru" (French: literally "large growth") of course does not automatically mean that the best wine comes from them. Needless to say, it depends very much on the working methods and commitment of the respective winegrowers and cellar masters.

The wine growing areas of South Tyrol have both: exposed terraced vineyards, steep sloping hills, wind, warm days, cool nights - and cellar masters who have spent arduous years of training at the best wine schools – the San Michele Insitute, Klosterneuburg, Geisenheim, Montpellier and Veitshöchheim. Ideal pre-requisites for long-lasting red wines!

The Vinum Hotels South Tyrol January Wine Letter is dedicated to South Tyrolean Red Wine-Crus!
Bolzano Winery: all new! The well-renowned Bolzano Winery relocated from Grieser Platz to Moritzing after the last harvest. The cellar cooperatives from Bolzano proudly write: "For decades we have been producing high-quality wines that reflect the terroir around Bolzano, the capital of South Tyrol. And now, this quality has been given the visual profile it deserves - an architectural jewel that unites the principles of sustainability and functionality. A design that allows us to further improve on what we have been doing since time immemorial."

Bolzano Winery is a red wine temple: the most famous being "Huck am Bach", "Moar” - the best St. Magdalener, Cabernet "Mumelter" and all the Lagreins by cellar master Stephan Filippi are among the most elegant, full-bodied reds in Italy. "Taber" is THE cult Lagrein of the last 3 decades!
The stats of the new wine cellar in Bolzano are truly impressive. With an investment in excess of 30 million Euros, the winery is the largest viticultural project in the history of South Tyrol. Around 10,000 truckloads of earth were excavated to build the 4-story cellar into the mountain side. The result, which will shape the cityscape of Bolzano and the wine scene of South Tyrol for years and even decades to come, is all the more impressive.

"Kornell" Wine Estate - elegant, playful red wines. Upon entering an inquisitive wine market, primarily the dark red powerhouses Lagrein and Merlot, both of which enjoy an excellent habitat in Siebeneich, were responsible for the first successes achieved by Florian Brigl's up-and-coming "Kornell" Wine Estate. "The warming porphyry rocks with steeply rising vineyards behind them capture the sun during the day and at night guarantee cool temperatures." says Florian. "Vigna Kressfeld” was a dream come true for Florian Brigl & his talented cellar master Marco, to bottle a South Tyrolean super Merlot, in effect a South Tyrolean Pomerol (even if only for 1200 bottles ....)

Cellar master Othmar Doná from Kurtatsch Winery never ceases to amaze us with his new creations. Merlot "Brenntal" and Cabernet S. "Freienfeld" have been among the best and fieriest full-bodied red wines in Italy for decades. The outstanding vintages such as 1995, 1997, 2009 or 2015 "Brenntal" and "Freienfeld" are sought-after collector's items in international wine salons too. Throughout Europe they are considered to be great value for money.
Elegance and fruit are distinctive trademarks of South Tyrolean red wines!

"Cornelius" (1st vintage 1988) from Schreckbichl Winery is partly from Girlan and partly from Siebeneich - in the early years, Cabernet dominated this spicy cuvée but since 2005, the Merlot component has been steadily increased. "Wines such as "Cornelius" or "Iugum" have repeatedly done very well at international tastings when compared with the famous French high-end cuvées" recalls Schreckbichl's former chairman Luis Raifer. He continues, “French sommeliers have marvelled at the fact that suddenly not only the full-bodied, dark reds and rather simpler red wines come from this neighbouring country, but also such fine fruity Cabernet Merlot blends as can only have been ripened in the best South Tyrolean vineyards."
The Vinum Hotel February Wine Letter
"Spontaneous fermentation, amphora wine, experimentation" - new South Tyrolean natural wines in the spotlight

Wine professor Rainer Zierock passed away in 2009 after a much too short yet eventful life. No wine is purer than Rainer's wine - that's what even his harshest critics said, who couldn't really come to terms with the idea of natural wine. Perhaps Zierock, the wine professor who was first in Montpellier and later in San Michele, was 20 even 30 years ahead of his time: when he died, natural wines were either met with hostility or at best smiled at. In the meantime, several young winegrowers in South Tyrol have also acquired a taste for nature, swear by spontaneous fermentation and are wary of the use of too much wine cellar technology. Some consider Rainer Zierock to be an important source of inspiration, almost a spiritual father of natural wine.

The Vinum Hotels South Tyrol February Wine Letter is dedicated to these rather daring South Tyrolean natural wines!