Traditional, visionary, courageous

A portrait of South Tyrol Estate Wineries
South Tyrol boasts a high concentration of DOC wines, i.e. wines with controlled designation of origin. Approximately 5,000 winegrowing enterprises in South Tyrol deliver their grapes to around 170 wineries. Around 70% of South Tyrolean wine is pressed in cooperatively managed wineries. Another 25% of the annual wine production comes from the association "South Tyrol Estate Wineries" and the remaining 5% of South Tyrolean wines are produced by the "Independent Winegrowers South Tyrol". Intent on promoting free trade and wine export, the "Association of Wine Wholesalers" was founded in 1946. From 1971 onwards, with the founding of the "South Tyrol Wine Association", the high standard of moral, legal and material interests connected with winegrowing, winemaking and wine trade was brought into focus.

Since 2004 the association has carried the name "South Tyrol Wine Estates". It is an association of 33 historical estates and private wineries. This designation reflects the transformation of numerous commercial wineries into individual estate wineries, whose proprietors pour their heart and soul into the production of their wines. Each one, in their own way, contributes to the multifaceted wine experience landscapes of South Tyrol.

The crème de la crème of local wine production is to be found amongst the "South Tyrol Estate Wineries" - names such as Hofstätter (Tramin), Lageder (Margreid), Tiefenbrunner (Kurtatsch-Entiklar) or Sallegg-Kuenburg (Kaltern) have profoundly influenced the history of South Tyrolean winegrowing for centuries.
By making bold choices in the second half of the 20th century, they have gone through an exemplary and uncompromising change from the leisurely production of house wine to the production of quality wine which has enjoyed great success on international terms. The VINUM-Hotels South Tyrol June Wine Letter is dedicated to these prestigious South Tyrol Estate Wineries which have modernised South Tyrolean winegrowing through their visionary ideas!

"The members of the association 'South Tyrol Estate Wineries' are involved in the entire process of wine production, from planting vines to the marketing of their wines. For them, South Tyrolean wine is a healthy, life-enhancing and precious part of the South Tyrolean way of life." 
Martin Foradori, President of "South Tyrol Estate Wineries"

"The Alois Lageder Family Winery stands for first-class wines from South Tyrol", writes "Der Falstaff", Austria's influential wine magazine. And continues: "Through a holistic understanding of nature, creativity and the joy of experimentation, Alois Lageder produces wines that reflect the diversity of South Tyrol. In the spirit of biodynamic agriculture, the winery is constantly furthering its knowledge, sharing this with its winemaking partners and carrying it into new areas. Founded in 1823, the company is now managed by fifth and sixth generation Lageders, Alois and Alois Clemens. It is one of the leading wineries in South Tyrol and far beyond".

Since the last century, charismatic personalities and renowned names like Werner & Elena Walch, Christoph Tiefenbrunner, Muri Gries, Martini, Brigl, Kreithof, Castel Salegg, Ritterhof, Rametz Castle, Sölva, Neustift, Köfererhof, Pacherhof, Haas, Pfitscher, Arunda, have decisively moulded the self-assurance of privately organized wine producers in South Tyrol. In the same way that the coming together of the South Tyrol Estate Wineries has set an example for winegrowing in South Tyrol, VINUM-Hotels South Tyrol have shaped the quality and vision of modern South Tyrolean hospitality - two strong partners who continue to work and support each other even in economically difficult times!
The Vinum Hotel July Wine Letter
Alpine pearls for the summer weeks - start your holidays with the best bottles of South Tyrolean sparkling wine!

Among South Tyrolean wine enthusiasts, the sparkling wine people belong to the most mobile - you meet them everywhere, whether at graduation balls, where they are popular sponsors & bringers of good luck, at the various wine exhibitions, or at their own numerous independent initiatives.

South Tyrolean sparkling wine producers use the classic method of bottle fermentation. The good thing about the story: you can only find exceptional South Tyrolean sparkling wine, it is hand-picked, hand-riddled and is the quintessence of sparkling craftsmanship! The less good thing: there are unfortunately only just over three hundred thousand bottles a year of Arunda, Lorenz Martini, von Braunbach, Haderburg, "36" Meran Winery, Kettmeir, Kaltern Winery and St. Pauls!

The VINUM-Hotels South Tyrol July Wine Letter is dedicated to the best South Tyrolean bottles of sparkling wine which we have been saving for the holiday weeks!