The Törggelen Season

A South Tyrolean tradition with chestnuts, new wine, nuts, speck and homemade sausages
October 2020
When, in the weeks between September and October in South Tyrol, the grape clusters sweeten, the seeds become more visible, the skins become softer and the stems become harder, then the grapes are finally ripe for the “wimmen”, as grape-picking is known in South Tyrol.
Once the chestnuts and nuts are ripe and the sweet must starts to ferment, or is ready to serve fresh as “Nuier”, new wine, then it is peak season in the “Buschenschänke” or farmhouse taverns of the winegrowing valleys of South Tyrol. These South Tyrolean inns, known in Austria as “Heuriger”, have since the year 1784 had the right – granted by the Emperor Joseph II – to produce and sell their own wine as well as serving speck, homemade sausages and light meals. The season is limited: in former times a sign indicating that wine was available had to be displayed outside the farm or innkeeper’s house. These signs were frequently made from cut trees or bushes, hence the name Buschenschank. Where the wine grows, it is said in South Tyrol, people are genial and curious to learn the about the new vintage. The convivial tasting of the new must and new wine in such inns is called Törggelen, a word derived from the traditional wine press, known in South Tyrol as the “Torggl” from the Latin “torquere”, to press). Törggelen has been an autumn tradition in South Tyrol for centuries. From October to the start of the pre-Christmas period, locals and visitors alike enjoy the fruits of the harvest in South Tyrol.

We wish to present two classic wine farms where törggelen can be sampled: on the one hand they stand for living tradition, while on the other they use modern cellar technology to ensure a longer bottle life for their clean and fruity wines than was possible for their forefathers.

In these Vinum Hotels you can experience Törggelen in the traditional way:

Granpanorama Hotel StephansHof ****
Panorama Wellness Hotel Feldthurnerhof ***s
Hotel Spitalerhof ***
Hotel Weingut Pacherhof ****

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