The “South Tyrol Wine Summit” – a new way to experience wine

The new lead event from the consortium of Südtirol Wein and IDM Südtirol
The wines of South Tyrol are witnessing an ever-increasing popularity, and South Tyrol boasts an excellent image on the international wine market. The wine lovers of today are less trend-oriented than a few years ago, however: they are more and more looking for wines with a clearly recognisable varietal character that reflects their origin and terroir
South Tyrol thus naturally has a clear advantage as a winegrowing area: the Mediterranean climate combines with its Alpine character to make our wines unique. The South Tyrolean wine industry has concentrated on quality in recent decades. At a global level, this comparatively small wine region is nowadays highly appreciated, as can be seen not least in the extremely high number of awards it has received. Local producers accordingly appeared even more self-confident at the first edition of the “South Tyrol Wine Summit”, a new lead event held over several days in September and dedicated to the wines of South Tyrol. It was aimed at both international visitors from the trade as well as wine-lovers from all over South Tyrol.

The organisers, a consortium formed by Südtirol Wein and IDM Südtirol, performed sterling work. Werner Waldboth, Marketing Director of the Consortium, emphasised the internationality factor: “Our new lead event, the South Tyrol Wine Summit, allowed us to show off South Tyrolean wines in a broader context. There were around 100 journalists and partners in attendance, from Italy, Germany, Switzerland, the USA, Russia, Japan, the UK and Benelux. They used these days to find out more about the wine region of South Tyrol through tastings, winery tours and face-to-face encounters with winegrowers.”

The “Wine Stories” that formed part of the “South Tyrol Wine Summit” offered visitors a novel experience trail in the MEC at the Bozen Trade Fair: here they could use all of their senses to enjoy both the wines and entertaining tales of South Tyrolean producers, wines and growing regions. The guided vertical tastings in particular allowed the public a unique opportunity to try some of the great labels “back into the past”, including Franz Haas: Manna IGT 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011, A. Egger-Ramer Estate: Südtirol Lagrein Riserva Tenuta Kristan 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009, Tramin Winery: Südtirol Gewürztraminer Nussbaumer 2016 - 2015 - 2012 - 2009 - 2006, and St. Michael/Eppan Winery: Südtirol Sauvignon St. Valentin 2016 - 2015 - 2010 - 2009 - 2007, to name but a few of the great vintages from South Tyrol’s most celebrated wine ambassadors, consistently top-rated by the leading national and international wine guides.

Should reading about such fine South Tyrolean products prompt in you a desire to sample such gems, these and similar delights can be experienced at any time, since the Vinum Hotels Südtirol– as one of the outstanding partners of the wine industry – always stock numerous vintages of award-winning South Tyrolean wines, meaning there is nothing to stop you from indulging in a wine-tasting journey back in time at the VINUM hotel of your choice.

Here’s to your very good health!
The VINUM Hotel wine bulletin for November:

“Top of South Tyrol Wine” – the Brixen Forum plays host to the winter wine highlight of December! A gala tasting of all the top-class South Tyrolean wines that have received awards over the past year.

The VINUM-Hotel wine bulletin for November is dedicated to all the upcoming South Tyrolean winemakers and wineries that have over the last quarter-century propelled the wines of South Tyrol into the international elite.