The Royal spring vegetable - South Tyrolean asparagus and the ideal asparagus wine

South Tyrolean Wine Route - the greatest wine paradise in South Tyrol
Culinary specialties from South Tyrol are known throughout the whole of Europe for their outstanding quality. In recent years, the regional origin of food and its rural roots have been markedly gaining importance amongst guests. The home of the South Tyrolean asparagus is in Terlan, to be more precise, the asparagus triangle between Siebeneich, Terlan and Vilpian, where today more than half of South Tyrol's annual production is harvested. Terlan Winery successfully markets the Terlan asparagus under the protected designation of origin "Margarete".
Quality is the recipe for success amongst Kastelbeller asparagus farmers too, who have long since been able to build a second economic pillar in Vinschgau Valley from this once agricultural niche product. Culinary trends come and go - but the authenticity of a region or tradition always remains, providing it with durability. As a result, the traditional asparagus weeks in Kastelbell and in the Terlan asparagus triangle are among the most exciting and best-visited gourmet initiatives in South Tyrol!
VINUM-Hotels South Tyrol are also celebrating the beginning of spring with the royal asparagus. Our great culinary heritage bound to Viennese bourgeois and regional Alpine cuisines, needless to say, also incorporates light Mediterranean cuisine. The spring brings with it, the blossom, the valleys turn green and everything the heart desires flourishes, alluring one to begin asparagus harvesting: asparagus with “Bozner” sauce, asparagus risotto, tagliatelle with asparagus tips, asparagus ice cream, asparagus carpaccio, grilled asparagus, steamed asparagus, asparagus with cured ham... VINUM hotel chefs entice guests with innovative recipes to a festive table!
The sunny region of South Tyrol with its sparkling wines and mild climate invites you to jovial dining, to relaxation and to pleasure for the eyes and pleasure for the palate. Experienced sommeliers help select suitable wines to go with exquisite asparagus dishes. The Terlaner asparagus triangle backs Sauvignon Blanc as the ideal companion. "Yes, we have several excellent Sauvignons to offer, says Rudi Kofler, chief enologist at the Terlan winery. “Especially in spring, with the commencement of the asparagus season, asparagus lovers literally storm our doors for our freshly bottled "asparagus wine". This Sauvignon Blanc is truly an insider tip for asparagus dishes. It is handpicked separately and bottled a little earlier hence complementing asparagus with its delicately fruity bouquet and fresh aroma in a special way.
Sauvignon "Floreado" from around Andrian is bold and aromatic. It has strong varietal bouquets of elderflower, apple and sage, typical for the Andrian area. Picked as late as possible, the ripe grapes provide "Floreado" with its strength, demonstrating a richness that continues to fill the palate for a long time. Back to Terlan, more precisely to Terlan’s prime location for Winkl: "Sauvignon Winkl, a varietal, vinified since 1956, is a succulent, delicately fruity Sauvignon Blanc cultivated in Terlan’s village center," enthuses oenologist Rudi Kofler. This location - where the oldest manors of Terlan were built and where wine was produced by Romans and Rhaetian, is certainly one of the most historic vineyards in Terlan.
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"Spatium Pinot Blanc!" - International Pinot Blanc Symposium, Eppan

“Spatium Pinot Blanc”- III: After successful enactments in 2014 and 2016 and attended by over 80 specialist journalists, more than 100 producers and numerous wine lovers, this unique, biennial, monovarietal Pinot Blanc event in Europe, is back. Guided tastings of rare wines, receptions in Eppan’s wine cellars and a Pinot Blanc Wine Party complete the extraordinary itinerary - VINUM Hotels are collaboration partners of the international Pinot Blanc Symposium.