The pleasure is always a trend in the residential area of Meran

Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof

The town of Meran is internationally famous thanks to its Wine Festival. The Ansitz Plantitscherhof takes part of this festival with its historic wine cellar and exclusive event LEGENDS.RARITIES.UNIQUENESS: The owner, Johannes Gufler, was the youngest sommelier of Italy at the age of 23 and he will be delighted to share his passion with the guests.
The connoisseur and collector Johannes Gufler is proud of his historic wine cellar since 1277, where 20.000 rare wines are stored from all over the world and excellent South Tyrolean ones. 8 classic cars are parked in his garage, as well as his VW Bulli used for wine tours in the region's vineyards. The Ansitz Plantitscherhof has the largest variety of whiskey in South Tyrol thanks to it list of 350 sorts of whiskey, gin rum and important names. Moreover our humidor offers a large choice of

A summer event of the Wine Festival in Meran exclusively at Ansitz Plantitscherhof.