The freedom-loving and the wine whisperer

An excerpt from Alps Magazine #47
The freedom fighters who rebelled against their feudal lords were once called “Strobler".

Well, those who risked their lives for freedom. We do not exactly know whether the name of our winery and Vinum Hotel Stroblhof in Appiano really originates from this. But anyone who roams through the estate can literally feel it - freedom is in the air here. Nothing hinders the desire to wander around the area.

Only Mount Gant, forests and grapevines surround the west and south sides of the hotel and winery. Winegrower Andreas looks after of the winery. He observes nature to determine what’s good for wine and what’s good for people - and creates his very own ideas for the hotel and the farm.

Stroblhof was not always a hotel. But it has been a winery since the 16th century and a winery with an inn since 1900. He is one of the founding members of the "Independent winegrowers of South Tyrol". The constant change and the freedom to do what arises from one's own nature here, have developed into a harmonious ensemble over the centuries.
A few kilometres further south of Stroblhof you meet a completely different kind of wine spirit.

Hannes, a young winemaker himself, from Vinum Hotel Klosterhof and wine estate in Kaltern is certain: "The grapevine is like people. The older they are, the calmer and more balanced they become. The young ones still overdo it a little." And laughs. He himself is the best proof of this theory. When he roams the vineyard or cellar with guests, he’s brimming with enthusiasm and knowledge.

Shortly before the harvest, it is very important that the grapes do not carry too many berries and that they get enough light but also enough shade. "The leaves must form the perfect sun canopy," explains Hannes, while he himself trims them into position.

With intuition and experience, the 32-year-old winemaker roams through the rows of grapevines. He knows exactly what each grape needs to ripen properly. It’s as if he can talk to the grapevines – or so to speak, is fluent in wine.

"As a winegrower, you only have this one chance - everything has to be right by harvest time". To ensure that the quality and taste are spot on in the end product, the berries are selected with meticulous precision. "Grape picking has always been done by hand here" And this is also reflected in Hannes's wine. For his wine is as honest and direct as he is.
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