"Sports around the vineyards!"

hiking, cycling, running, exploring a landscape of grapevines
The first South Tyrolean educational wine trails (from "Schtuck" in the plains up to "Leitn", created/prepared with detailed information boards on viticulture) were paved through the quaint wine villages of Kurtatsch and Girlan. The Kurtatsch Winery vineyards are all unique in their location: altitudes ranging from 200 to 900 metres, southeast to southwest facing slopes and soils varying from sandy-gravelly to red-loam lend each wine its own distinctive character. On this 1.6 km long path winding through the vineyards of Kurtatsch, hikers are able to keep track of all important events of the wine-growing year. Every Wednesday, wine experts from the village offer, "guided wine walks". At the various stations one learns interesting facts about viticulture, the landscape and its history whilst taking in the surrounding scents of wines.

The idea of these walks is to undertake a pleasurable short hike so in total about 3.5 hours should be planned, of which only 1 hour is "actual" walking time. Since most of the wine trail is a hiking trail, sturdy shoes are most definitely advisable. For those who would like to learn more about the origins of wine, or more specifically, about grapevines, a walk along "Hoher Weg" a nature & wine trail in Girlan is recommended. This is a wine hiking trail where hikers can gather background information and find more in-depth detail about the grapevine on numerous information boards. In recent years, a number of societies and institutions have planted more than 100 native plant species along the wine hiking trail and have created seating areas where hikers can rest or simply enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

The Vinum Hotels South Tyrol June Wine Letter is dedicated to sports activities amidst the grapevines!
There are many traces of primeval and early settlement in and around the Kaltern wine-growing locality. Grape seed findings from a Neolithic cult site on the nearby Mitterberg hill indicate that even the contemporaries of the glacial mummy "Ötzi" greatly appreciated and probably also cultivated grapevines in the Kaltern area. Today, Kaltern is considered an exemplary wine village, where wineries and restaurants work together in harmony, or as some quibblers would say, with a wine-merry spirit at the very least. “Wein.kaltern" is a collaborative platform where visionary ideas have been forged together. Successful initiatives include "weinhaus.kaltern" and "wein.weg" along which the most important South Tyrolean spring hike amidst the grapevines takes place in April - "Kalterer Wein-Wandertag" (Kaltern Wine Hiking Day). The "wein.weg" passes vineyards and wine farms all the way to Lake Kaltern, ideal for wine hikers and wine cyclists.

The different vineyards, also known as "Riegel", are clearly marked by white limestone ridges in the ground and have been given names of Rhaeto-Romanic origin such as "Vial", "Prunar" or "Palurisch". Four stations with benches and tables along the circular trail invite you to linger a while - and while you enjoy the view across the grapevines and the lake, you can read more about wine culture in Kaltern on the inscription panels embedded in the table tops.

On "Wine Hiking Day" in spring, over 2 dozen Kaltern wineries open their cellars and taverns from 10am to 8pm. (For more information: Ferienregion Südtirols Süden, Pillhofstr. 1, Frangart/Eppan - Tel. +39 0471 633488).
The Vinum Hotel July Wine Letter
"Wine & Architecture! Design & Wine!" - from cellar to label, from vineyard to lavish hotel: wine tells stories ...

At Grottnerhof, now part of the Vinum Hotel South Tyrol member Romantik Hotel Turm, presses its grapes in such a way that the wine reflects the character of its surroundings and that of the people behind it. Stephan Pramstrahler, owner and host, prefers monovarietal wines and Grottnerhof wines bear the names of character-strong birds - raven, eagle owl, black grouse, magpie. The creative genius behind these flamboyant labels is Florin Kompatscher, a South Tyrolean artist residing in Berlin.

"Sometimes you have to go with your gut feeling!" In 2018, Franziska Waldner from the Vinum Hotel South Tyrol "Muchele" ventured into the world of winemaking as a newcomer in the Marche region of Italy. Here, she acquired the Tenuta di Frá with its 7 hectares of vineyards. Today, she is one of the region's up-and-coming women winemakers. With a lot of courage, incredible passion and family support, the winery has proved itself by employing organic farming methods and with its adoration for the autochthonous grape varieties Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi and Lacrima di Morro d'Alba.

The July Wine Letter is dedicated to the innovative wine men & women of Vinum Hotels South Tyrol!