Spatium Pinot Blanc!

Major international Weissburgunder symposium in Eppan

June 2016
The first Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc) vineyards are known to have been planted in Piedmont and Lombardy in the year 1830. Through regular contact between Milan, Trento and Bozen, this fine white grape variety also arrived relatively rapidly in South Tyrol.
By the mid-19th century the Weissburgunder had taken root south of Bozen, in the so-called Unterland, while in Meran it was Archduke John who in 1852 planted the first Weissburgunder vineyard in Schenna. In 1894 Edmund Mach, first director of the San Michele Institute and a leading wine expert of his day, wrote: “In recent decades the Ruländer, Weissburgunder, Riesling and Traminer varieties have been reintroduced, producing large quantities of fine, full-bodied bottled wines for the market”. Thus, according to Mach, in 1894 – at a time when almost 98% of all wines were sold by the barrel – Weissburgunder was available as a bottled wine. This shows on the one hand the potential of this marvellous new wine, and on the other the wine merchants’ faith in the product.

Today Weissburgunder is South Tyrol’s most important white wine variety and it is thus no surprise that the most important Weissburgunder symposium in Europe is taking place in Eppan, the largest winegrowing locality in South Tyrol: the second international edition of “Spatium Pinot Blanc!” will from 4 to 6 August see lovers of this fine wine coming to enjoy the world’s best Weissburgunders.

Renowned wine experts from Italy, Germany, France and Switzerland will be discussing the outlook for this unique white wine at the international symposium. Guided tastings of rarities and receptions in Eppan’s wine cellars complete the extraordinary programme – with the Vinum Hotels of South Tyrol as cooperation partners for this international Weissburgunder symposium.
With panel discussions, advanced masterclass tasting, and guided tours through Eppan’s best Weissburgunder vineyards, plus 120 Weissburgunder wines from 80 wine cellars in South Tyrol, Friuli, Wachau, Trentino, southern Styria, Burgenland, Alsace, Graubünden, Rhineland Palatinate and Baden-Württemberg for the grand public tasting in the St. Michael Winery.

This is the ideal location within South Tyrol, as winemaker Hans Terzer (together with legendary Terlan winemaker Sebastian Stocker) has probably done more than any other here for this important white wine. In the past, at a time when Weissburgunder was regarded locally as an anonymous mass-market product, Hans Terzer demonstrated the large potential residing in this sensitive white with his “Schulthauser” wine.
From 6 pm on Thursday, 4 August, the Stroblhof wine estate in Eppan will be hosting a major gastronomic event in cooperation with the Vinum Hotels of South Tyrol: “The Weissburgunder and its Culinary Companions” is being presented by the Stroblhof, Girlanerhof, Schloss Korb, Turm, Oberwirt and Pacher Vinum Hotels, with a chain of exquisite culinary islands serving the ideal dishes to pair with Weissburgunder.

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The VINUM-Hotel wine bulletin for August:

Kaltern Wine Museum – over 2,500 years of winegrowing history in South Tyrol
South Tyrol is the oldest winegrowing region in the German-speaking world: a thriving wine culture existed here 500 years before the arrival of the Romans. The unique Wine Museum in Kaltern documents the most important events of the last 2,500 years, with historic barrels, cellar machinery, bottling equipment, bottles, glasses, cooper’s tools and much more besides, all impeccably preserved. Guided tours through the museum recount the spectacular development of viticulture from Rhaetian and Roman times right up to the international honours awarded to modern South Tyrolean winemakers.