Premiere: “WeinLESEN”

International Literature & Wine Symposium in Neustift Abbey!
May 2016
Ladies and gentlemen, a big welcome to all wine lovers! Over the long weekend of 9-12 June 2016, an “irresistible cultural symbiosis” will be taking place at the Neustift Abbey near Brixen: the first “WeinLESEN” International Literature Festival, with writers from near (Christoph W. Bauer, Lienz/Innsbruck; Antonio Fian, Klagenfurt), not so near (Gerhard Ruiss, Vienna; Uwe Timm, Munich; Ilija Trojanov, Tiflis/Vienna; Peter Stamm, Winterthur; Ruth Schweikert, Zurich; Rolf Lappert, Zurich; Lukas Bärfuss, Zurich) and far (Katharina Hacker, Berlin; Nino Haratischwili, Tiflis/Hamburg; Heinz Bude, Berlin; Nora Gomringer, Bamberg), and indeed very far (Yurii Andrukhovych, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine) who will read from their works at the most beautiful points in Neustift Abbey, complemented by the presenting and serving of the finest wines from the Eisack Valley – an exciting encounter between wine & literature, supported by a number of the Eisack Valley’s Vinum Hotels.
The idea for the first international festival of literature and wine comes from Sabine Gruber, South Tyrol’s best-known female writer, who says: “Neustift Abbey is a joy for bookworms, wine lovers and art historians alike. The leading poet of the Late Middle Ages, Oswald von Wolkenstein, not only stayed here awhile as a guest, but also found his last resting place in Neustift. This knightly rebel had previously travelled halfway round the world: at least as varied as the destinations of this famous minstrel are the cultural origins of the guest writers, as are the grape varieties and nuances in the taste of the wines selected for the presentations.”

Together with Sabine Gruber, Michael Stiller of Vienna will be co-ordinating and organising this unique wine & literature festival. Stiller is very well-known on the Austrian literature and wine scene as an assiduous and visionary crosser of cultural boundaries. Since 1999 he has been bringing together winegrowers, literary figures and musicians from all parts of the world to the secluded Göttweig Abbey in Lower Austria in order to take part in a celebrated “Literature and Wine” festival.
Following readings by the various authors, those attending “WeinLESEN” at Neustift Abbey will be able to enjoy wines from the Eisack Valley. Wine guides have long vied in their tributes to the wonderfully fresh, very salty white wines of new generation of Eisack Valley winemakers. The valley’s so-called “white wine revolution” of the past 15 years owes a great deal to the impetus given it by the Neustift cellar. And now, especially with their “Praepositus” prestige line, the perfectly matched winemaking duo of Klebelsberg and Lucin have raised Eisack Valley wines to the ranks of the nobility.

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