Painting course

The art of Relaxation
Admittedly, most people already know that wine and art make an excellent match. Nonetheless, Vinum hoteliers are always on the lookout for new combinations involving art and wine.

For example, music events which took place at Vinum Hotel Saltus, where an accompanying wine was selected for each piece of music.

With the latest wine and art offer, the guest himself becomes the artist. The wine and painting course at Vinum Hotel Saltus is not about creating the perfect picture - but about relaxation.
Why is art so good for you?

"Art is the foundation of human expression," acknowledges Phylicia Rashad, "before a child speaks, it sings. Before they write, they paint and as soon as they can stand, they dance". Those who are inspired more by numbers than by emotional quotes will be pleased to learn that a study conducted at Drexel University confirmed that the process of artistic creativity was able to sustainably reduce the stress hormone cortisol - irrespective of one's own expertise.

Painting is a wonderful tool to help you unwind, to remain focused on nature or on the subject. And for each subject a suitable wine is then selected.

Here are some examples:

  • snow-covered mountain peaks and a warm fire in the hearth calls for a lovely red wine
  • if the forest is depicted as woody and mossy, it should be a more full-bodied red wine
  • if painting on the terrace and the warming rays of the sun fall on the artist and canvas, a rosé is to be served

 If you wish, you can also book a private painting lesson on your own hotel balcony. Regional artists from South Tyrol will show you how to beautifully capture your subject on canvas.

Author/Copyright: Anja Reinhardt
"At Saltus, we constantly search for new methods and techniques in relaxation and recreation. Therefore, the Saltus Relaxation Program designed to provide long-term stress relief incorporates the teachings of yoga, meditation, forest bathing and progressive muscle relaxation - and now also includes the applied arts. Once a week, your own muse can be pursued at length.

From watercolour to acrylics to Advent wreath-making, this relaxing me-time focuses on creative pursuits. For this to happen, we are offering theme-interrelated art retreats several times a year, hosted by experts in their respective field."

The staff at the Vinum Hotel Saltus