May Wine Letter

"Spatium Pinot Blanc!" - International Pinot Blanc Symposium, Eppan
“Spatium Pinot Blanc”- III: After successful enactments in 2014 and 2016 and attended by over 80 specialist journalists, more than 100 producers and numerous wine lovers, the only biennial, monovarietal Pinot Blanc event in Europe, returns to Eppan, the largest winegrowing locality in South Tyrol.
Pinot Blanc was introduced to South Tyrol almost exactly mid-19th century, curiously arriving at the same time from the north as well as from the south. In Piedmont and Lombardy, the first Pinot Blanc structures were evidently planted in 1830. If one calculates that the average age of a vine then was about 20 to 30 years, by the end of its first Italian lifespan and through active market connections between Lombardy and South Tyrol-Alto Adige, this noble Burgundy variety gradually made its way up here. The Pinot Blanc idea from the north was thanks to Archduke Johann, who planted the first Pinot Blanc in Schenna in 1852. Alas, Pinot Blanc’s history on South Tyrolean grape soil was still too young in 1894, for Edmund Mach to have been able to write more than that single sentence: In recent decades Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Riesling and Traminer, have newly been introduced, producing large quantities of fine, full-bodied bottled wines for the market. Thus, according to Mach, by 1894 - a time when easily 98% of all wines were sold by the barrel, Pinot Blanc was available as a bottled wine. On the one hand, this shows the potential of this wonderful new wine and on the other the wine merchants faith in this product.

Spatium Pinot Blanc wants to give the Pinot Blanc grape variety an extraordinary amount of space (Latin: "spatium"). Space to get to know and understand it better - its origin, its needs and its particularities. Space to present forefront Pinot Blanc know-how. And last but not least, space to taste regional, national and international Pinot Blanc wines from quality producers. VINUM Hotels Südtirol support the international Pinot Blanc Symposium as a cooperation partner.

Eppan is of course the ideal venue, because PB is not only the protagonist in terms of quantity here – qualitatively, the best Eppan PB are excellent wine ambassadors for South Tyrol: "Schulthauser" and "St. Valentin" from St. Michael Winery (MWC* Hans Terzer – together with the Terlan MWC legend "Waschtl" Stocker - have probably done the most for PB in South Tyrol), "Plattenriegl" from Girlan Winery, "Weisshaus" Schreckbichl Winery, "Plötzner", "Passion" and "Sanctissimus" from St. Paul’s Winery, "Berg" from Ignaz Niedrist, "Strahler" from Winery & Hotel Stroblhof (founding member of VINUM Hotel Südtirol).

"Spatium Pinot Blanc!" – the International Pinot Blanc Symposium in Eppan
invites you to a celebration of Pinot Blanc: Within the framework of various guided masterclass tastings and a large public tasting, wine lovers can get to know the creators, winegrowers and winegrowing regions. Guided rare wine tastings, receptions in Eppan’s wine cellars and a Pinot Blanc wine party complete the extraordinary itinerary.

* MCW – Master wine cellarman
PB - Pinot Blanc
The VINUM-Hotel - June Wine Letter:

Merlot - the underrated South Tyrolean deep dark red wine with Alpine spice

At international rare wine tastings one is repeatedly amazed by the heady, elegant and creamy fruitiness of the best South Tyrolean Merlots - as well as by the fact that this exquisite, full-bodied red wine is often underrated. With enthusiasm, confidence and conviction, VINUM Hotels Südtirol show their guests how much class and potential our Merlots contain. The sun-drenched South Tyrolean slopes produce complex, subtle Merlots, which have long been considered by wine connoisseurs to represent the best varietal in Italy.