March Wine Letter - Long live Bolzano Wine Tasting

A South Tyrolean wine event steeped in tradition
This year the 96th Bolzano Wine Tasting event will take place at Maretsch Castle from Thursday 28th to Sunday 31st March. It is one of the most traditional events held here in the city of Bolzano and therefore a popular showcase for top local wines. In addition to the selection of more than 150 wines, there is a wide-ranging accompanying itinerary with seminars, tastings, guided tours around wine and culinary offers prepared in collaboration with the Accademia Italiana della Cucina. Wine connoisseurs and those striving towards becoming wine connoisseurs can taste more than 170 labels from wine regions in and around Bolzano, Upper Etsch and Unterland, the Eisack Valley, Merano and the Burggrafenamt district.
In spite of all the grumbling, Bolzano Wine Tasting, the most important wine fair for South Tyrol, has survived. And has survived well. At times, it didn't do too well and was poorly attended. So to speak, it had been struggling along on crutches - nevertheless after being revamped several times it now has 96 years under its belt. Fortunately, it is held within the secular walls of the beautifully picturesque Maretsch Castle, where it has always enjoyed great success. In the past, the normal time for wine tasting in Bolzano was the delightful month of May - of course, the most robust and exciting wines are not fully matured by May, but they are always good enough for a tasting sprint. Alas, wine aficionados know all too well, that everyone wants to, and absolutely has to get everything from the cellar, shelf or barrel earlier and earlier every year. Vinitaly the most important national wine fair held in Verona takes place very early in the year compelling wineries to present castrated wines, i.e. wines that have been bottled far too early. young – even younger- the youngest - this is rarely good for the wine. Then there are the "smaller" wines, restless, like racehorses longing to go out to pasture in the fresh spring air, but having to stay put in tiny paddocks. Well, the 96th Bolzano Wine Tasting will take place from 28th to 31st March. But the organisers are smart enough to not single-mindedly rely exclusively on new wines: wineries can of course also present mature, older vintages.

According to the writer & wine Enthusiast Kurt Tucholsky: everyone always want a big long one - and then you get a short fat one! That's life. That's wine: inquisitive wine aficionados have their ideal wine in mind which they then search for all their lives - until they discover that the search itself is the great adventure. That's why they love every vintage, the "fat" one as well as the "long" one, and of course the South Tyrolean 2017s, presenting itself as a long slender white wine: its length is demonstrated by its long-lasting, fresh acidity. And then also the big South Tyrolean red wine riservas from the wonderful 2015 vintage! Over 5 dozen South Tyrolean wine producers - all partners & friends of VINUM-Hotels South Tyrol - have put together the finest wines from their wine cellars to present to the public. Both established and aspiring wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike can learn interesting facts about the South Tyrolean wine region, professional tasting and innovative wine concepts in catering at the various seminars. Tastings of the best South Tyrolean wines accompanied by experts and a rarity tasting guarantee a sensory celebration. "Too bad you can't caress wine!” (Kurt Tucholsky)
The VINUM-Hotel - April Wine Letter:
Gewürztraminer - the leading South Tyrolean variety with 100 Parker Points

Is "Nussbaumer" from Tramin Winery the best Gewürztraminer? The clayey limestone soils of Tramin-Söll are the South Tyrolean "cru" Gewürztraminer - and the central "Nussbaumer" location is their "grand-cru". Actually, a Gewürztraminer "Nussbaumer" is in need of a gun licence: thanks to its intense aroma (lychee, papaya, mango, cloves and roses)! You don't notice its potent alcohol content until it's too late - 2 glasses of "Nussbaumer" are wonderful, a third one is still pleasurable, anything beyond that sends one over the edge, enthuse sommeliers jokingly. The VINUM-Hotel South Tyrol wine letter in April tracks down the best South Tyrolean Gewürztraminer!