June Wine Letter - Light Mediterranean-South Tyrolean vegetable cuisine

paired with premium local wines
In sunny South Tyrol, cultural and scenic diversity is reflected not only in the way of life, but also in cooking pots: clean, homely Alpine cuisine and light Mediterranean cuisine. The winelands of South Tyrol are considered one of the most renowned wine regions in Italy and are undisputedly at the forefront of white wines in particular: Terlan Sauvignon usually offered with traditional asparagus dishes in the spring, is now causing an international sensation and is also receiving high awards among the leading wine guides.
In VINUM-Hotels South Tyrol the menu is defined by modern, light cuisine with seasonally selected vegetable delicacies from South Tyrolean gardens. And the experienced sommeliers of VINUM-Hotels South Tyrol always know to recommend the right wine with even the most intense wild herb dishes. For example, how about the lesser-known Lagrein Rosé, known as "Kretzer" in South Tyrol? In the shadow of the latest surge of appeal for Lagrein, its younger brother, Lagrein Rosé, the "Kretzer", which was (unfortunately) often underestimated in these parts, has piggybacked a mention and been commended. "The intense fruity aroma of this rosé wine", enthuses a German wine journalist about Lagrein Kretzer by Alois Lageder, "makes the heart of every rosé enthusiast beat faster. Its full and powerful body, its vinous taste with crisp acidity and its elegant bitter note in the finish are perfect with hearty starters, smoked fish and white meat."
They belong together like bride and groom: asparagus and wine. But which should it be? The search for the right wine depends on the dish, but also on your personal taste. Classic dishes such as asparagus with Bozen sauce are ideally accompanied by an aromatic Sauvignon or an elegant Pinot Blanc. Heartier dishes with meat can also be combined with a fruity red cuvée. Like always and in this case too, the following applies: "Everything that tastes good is allowed!
South Tyrolean Ruländer/Pinot Grigio belongs to the group of wines low in acidity, but usually full in body - it belongs to the group of wines rich in extracts with high alcohol content often due to its high must weights. But if this "good old ox", this brawny white wine is indulged top locations, like the Tramin Winery's high vineyards in the Söll fraction, then an elegant, fine, mineral white like the "Unterebner" is created. This wine is produced from Unterebnerhof's best grape stocks of the Ruländer variety in Söll near Tramin. Unterebnerhof lies on a southeast expansion of slope at 430m above sea level, with gravelly loam soils and high lime content responsible for the balance between vine growth and high grape quality. Many top South Tyrolean chefs swear by Ruländer/Pinot Grigio to accompany their dishes in the spring and early summer, in particular with artichoke dishes from the modern, light Italian-Tyrolean cuisine, since this harmonious white wine perfectly combines the powerful aromas of the artichoke. Farmhouse-style gourmet cuisine at an altitude of 1930 metres can be enjoyed at Franz Mulser's, perhaps South Tyrol's best hut owner. Mulser swears by South Tyrolean premium wines: Sauvignon Quartz from the Terlan Winery, St. Magdalener Antheos from Waldgrieshof and Blauburgunder San Urbano from Hofstätter enhance his famous hut dishes such as "frothy cream of potato soup with suckling calf meatballs and Swiss pine oil", "shoulder of Simmental Alpine ox braised with Lagrein" or Kaiserschmarrn often garnished with edible blossoms which he swiftly fetches from the garden.
The VINUM-Hotel - July Wine Letter:
Elderberry sparkling wine, apple cider, Lagrein Kretzer & the coolest cocktails for the hottest days

Along with other rosé wines, the traditional Lagrein Kretzer is experiencing a legendary renaissance - it has become an indispensable part of the best wine lists at VINUM-Hotels South Tyrol particularly as a well-chilled, light summer wine. However, innovative South Tyrolean fruit and wine growers continue to surprise us with an elderberry sparkling wine from Salurn and an apple cider from Ritten.
South Tyrolean fruit juices can also be more than quick thirst quenchers! Through the careful cultivation of the fruits, careful processing and a lot of creativity, they can create an incredibly exciting taste experience that is in no way inferior to alcoholic drinks, swears Thomas Kohl, who has caused an international sensation with his mountain apple juice cuvèes from hops to mint and apricot. Curious? In VINUM-Hotels South Tyrol you can enjoy these spicy South Tyrolean thirst quenchers on hot days!