“How good a year was 2015 for South Tyrol?”

Presentation of the new wine vintage

January 2016
After a difficult and sometimes very wet 2014 vintage, which cost the winemakers a great deal of sleep and worry during many a rainy harvest night, the 2015 weather offered all of the conditions necessary for a fantastic wine vintage: a harmonious vegetation phase with little frost in spring, plenty of rainfall before summer, a tenaciously persistent heat wave, and finally dryness combined with cool nights in the late summer and early fall, which allowed the flavors in the grapes to be compressed once again.
A once-in-a-century vintage?
Well, the very promising samples from barrels of young 2015 wines remind older South Tyrolean wine connoisseurs of legendary vintages like 1956, 1959 and 1969. Of vintages in the last decades, the exceptional wines from 1995, 1997 and 2009 were matured under climatic conditions that were similarly favorable.

South Tyrol’s wide range of grapes, microclimates and soils allow fine wines to ripen that are not only first class, but also extremely individual and site-specific. Hence the summer warmth of 2015 leads one to expect not only extraordinarily rich red wines of striking elegance and fruitiness – especially at higher elevations – but also fragrant and spicy whites with sophisticated flavors and delicate fruit acid.

Especially South Tyrol’s French varieties, i.e. Cabernet and Merlot from warm sites and Pinot Noir from cooler sites, promise international formats; but the vintage will also offer enormous drinking pleasure from the local showcase reds, Lagrein and Vernatsch, which are incredibly fragrant this year. Riesling from Val Venosta/Vinschgau, Sylvaner and Grüner Veltliner from Valle Isarco/Eisacktal as well as Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc from Oltradige/Überetsch and Bassa Atesina/Unterland all achieve a pronounced, and at times weighty, fruit bouquet with pleasant acidity. Gewürztraminer, which is South Tyrol’s leading autochthonous white and beloved throughout the world, is set apart by delicate floral notes and great depth of flavor.

South Tyrol’s wine industry is looking forward to having the privilege of presenting the truly outstanding, even record-breaking, 2015 vintage at international wine fairs in the coming spring.
The VINUM Hotel’s Wine Newsletter for February:
In the last few years, pioneering South Tyrolean wineries have been producing limited edition, crème de la crème wines. Based on the Super Tuscan wines, which are as famous as they are expensive, these wines are already being referred to as the “Super South Tyroleans.” In our February story, we will present the new South Tyrolean fine wines that are striving for a “world class” rating.