Head south in a vintage VW Bus - In a "Bulli"

Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof

Whilst hurtling down the MeBo expressway at 90 km/h with your host Johannes from Vinum Hotel Plantitscherhof in his much-loved VW camper bus - aka a Bulli, realisation suddenly dawns: today is a day for fun!
En route from Merano to Kaltern one can observe countless wineries, old manors and lively locals going about their work around these wine estates.

Johannes whisks away his Vinum guests on an exclusive trip to two private wineries and there he opens up his favourite wines. He has hidden them in the boot of his vintage bus. He has had them hidden in the boot of his vintage bus, the latter of which he converted perfectly into a wine bar – something he is visibly proud of.

In the first winery, run by an organic farmer, Johannes's guests enjoy a perfectly chilled South Tyrolean white wine, about whose origins and characteristics Johannes merrily muses. Johannes's gaze wanders out over the open valley, the vineyards and old castles that grace the Bozen foothills.

On the way to the second winery at Lake Kaltern, Johannes can't resist the opportunity of honking the horn of his baby blue vehicle a couple of times: Toot! Toot! And everyone knows that the Bulli is on tour again.

The tour reaches its final destination - a place high above the shores of Lake Kaltern, nestled among magnificent vineyards, And here we move on to the red wine tasting - this leaves nothing to be desired. Except perhaps a small snack ... and there it is, our host Johannes has thought of everything as he unpacks Speck, cheese and crispy rye bread for a convivial South Tyrolean get-together.

This excursion is indeed the height of "wine" pleasure!