Family-run wine-tasting hotel in Nalles

Hotel Wilma

Schwanenburg, Fahlburg, Katzenzungen Castle: in the vicinity of these magnificent medieval castles, the wine-growing village of Nalles/Nals has a wine tradition that dates back centuries. In fact, a vine that grows at Katzenzungen Castle is not only the largest vine in Europe but likely also the oldest, with an estimated age of 600 years old. Both a strong sense of tradition and a connection to wine culture play a significant role at Hotel Wilma. The junior chef, Peter Lochmann, is president of the South Tyrol Prefecture of the Wine Knights, European Region Tyrol, and has been an enthusiastic sommelier for more than 20 years.

One of Italy's best Pinot blanc grows not far from the Hotel Wilma at Sirmiano/Sirmian, the premium mountain site in Nalles; of course the hotel’s magnificent walled cellar also houses treasures from the international world of wine. Peter Lochmann offers fine wines and tells interesting details about the noble grapes from the vineyards of South Tyrol, Italy and around the globe.

Anyone who wants to delve into the wonderful world of Nalles wine will enjoy the award-winning, modern winery architecture on a tour of Nals Winery – and during the subsequent tasting, try the Sirmiano Pinot blanc in addition to many other fine Nalles wines.