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The great South Tyrolean wines as seen by the leading wine guides
November 2016
Italy’s most important wine guides appear in the second half of October. South Tyrol has less than 1% of the total Italian vineyard acreage but, in terms of awards, this small wine-producing region has for over 20 years now been receiving excellent reviews.
Based on the small area under cultivation, South Tyrol receives four times its share of Italy’s wine awards; or, in other words, if we take the awards (“3 glasses” from the “Gambero Rosso” guide, “5 bottles” from “Espresso”, “5 grapes” from “Bibenda”, the “crown” from “Vinibuoni”, etc.) in relation to its winegrowing area, South Tyrol does even better than Piedmont or Tuscany!

The 2017 edition of the “Gambero Rosso”, by far the most important wine guide, has given its maximum award of “3 glasses” to no fewer than 27 South Tyrolean wines, 20 white and seven red. By way of comparison, the respected wine region and neighbouring province of Trentino received just ten “3 glasses” awards.

Local varieties dominate the red wines. The “Kalterersee Bischofsleiten 2015” from Castel Sallegg and the St. Magdalener “Rondell 2015” from the Glögglhof estate, run by Franz Gojer, are two excellent Vernatsch wines, while two Lagreins, the “Riserva 2013” by Josephus Mayr from the Unterganzner estate and the “Taber Riserva 2014” from the Bozen Winery were also recognised as outstanding wines. Other reds mentioned were the Blauburgunder [Pinot Nero] “Trattmann Mazon Riserva 2013” from the Girlan Winery, the Blauburgunder “Bachgart 2013” from Klaus Lentsch and the Cabernet Sauvignon “Puntay Riserva 2012” from the Erste + Neue Winery, Kaltern.

According to the “Gambero Rosso”, the best South Tyrolean white wines were the Sylvaner “Aristos ´15” from the Eisacktaler Winery; the “S. ´14” by Christian Kerschbaumer from the Garlider estate; the “Praepositus ´15” from the Neustift Winery; the “S. ´15” by Peter Wachtler from the Taschlerhof estate; the Pinot Grigio ´15 Köfererhof by Günther Kerschbaumer; the Veltliner ´15 Kuenhof by Peter Pliger; the Riesling Unterortl ´15 by Martin Aurich from the Castel Juval estate; the Riesling ´14 Falkenstein by Franz Pratzner; the Weissburgunder [Pinot Bianco] Praesulis ´15 by Markus Prackwieser from the Gumphof; the Weissburgunder Sirmian ´15 from the Nals-Margreid Winery; the Weissburgunder Eichhorn ´15 from the Manincor estate; the Pinot Grigio Sanct Valentin ´14 from the St. Michael-Eppan Winery; the Chardonnay Löwengang ´13 from the Tenutae Lageder; the Terlaner Nova Domus Riserva ´13 from the Terlan Winery; the Sauvignon Mervin ´14 from the Meraner Winery; the Sauvignon Lafóa ´14 from the Schreckbichl Winery; the Gewürztraminer Vom Lehm ´15 from Castelfeder; the Gewürztraminer Brenntal Riserva ´14 from the Kurtatsch Winery; the Gewürztraminer Nussbaumer ´14 from the Tramin Winery and the Gewürztraminer Auratus ´15 from the Ritterhof.

Vinum Hotel guests are in any case aware of most of the products on the impressive list of South Tyrolean “3-glass” wines, because all Vinum Hotel wine bars have for years collected, kept and served outstanding South Tyrolean wines.

The 2017 “Falstaff” guide, Austria’s leading wine companion, also gives South Tyrol’s leading wines high marks (using the standard international “100-point system”), with 25 white wines and 33 red wines achieving 90 points or more, i.e. “grand international class”! Top of the range are the so-called “Super South Tyroleans”, with whites such as the “Terlaner I Grande Cuvée ´13 (Terlan Winery), “Appius” ´11 (St. Michael-Eppan Winery) and, rated as the best Gewürztraminer, the “Nussbaumer” (Tramin Winery). Among the reds were the Blauburgunder “Mason di Mason” ´13 (Manincor), the Lagrein Roblinus ´13 (Waldgries) and the Merlot “Nussleiten” (Castel Sallegg, Kaltern). According to Falstaff, “While two decades ago only a few top wineries emphasised high-quality wines, today almost every estate here has followed the lead. South Tyrol – small in quantity, but very big in quality!”
The Vinum Hotel wine bulletin for December

The great South Tyrolean wines in the Christmas season: three menus accompanied with the appropriate wines – in parallel with the South Tyrolean wine miracle of the last two decades, South Tyrolean haute cuisine has also scaled the heights of the leading culinary guides with authentic regional dishes. The VINUM Hotel wine bulletin for December presents unmistakable, authentic South Tyrolean fare with the best wines.