As in the first elephant that came to South Tyrol

Hotel Elefant

South Tyrol's gourmet Hotel Elefant in the wine village of Ora/Auer is ideally situated along the north-south axis of Europe's travel route across the Alps. The name commemorates an elephant named Soliman, who was lodged here in 1551 as he was being taken to Emperor Maximilian's quarters in Vienna. It was certainly the first elephant the astonished residents of
Auer had ever seen!

The restaurant at the Hotel Elefant has not only high culinary standards, but is also architecturally interesting. The hotel's regional and Mediterranean delicacies put the expertise of the chef to optimal use; because it forms part of a wine village's best traditions, a fine glass of wine plays a major role when it comes to dining as well.

Treasures from all over South Tyrol are stored in the historical fifteenth-century wine cellar, and guests can enjoy a sensory journey through time and space during an extensive wine tasting in this rustic cellar made of stone blocks. Visiting the very special Pinot noir and Lagrein vineyards will whet the appetite for an excellent glass of Auer wine. Wine aficionados
will find the Pinot noir festival in the Unterland and the Lagrein festival in Auer are particularly interesting: the best representatives of the respective grape varieties are selected, and of course may also be tasted on site.