Alpine pearls for the summer weeks

start your holidays with the finest bottles of South Tyrolean sparkling wine!
Among South Tyrolean wine enthusiasts, the sparkling wine drinkers belong to the most mobile - you meet them everywhere, whether at graduation balls, where they are popular sponsors & bringers of good luck at various wine exhibitions or at their own numerous independent initiatives.

South Tyrolean sparkling wine producers use the classic method of bottle fermentation.
The good thing about the story: you can only get exceptional South Tyrolean sparkling wine, it is hand-picked, hand-riddled and is the quintessence of sparkling craftsmanship!
The less good thing: there are unfortunately only just over three hundred thousand bottles a year of Arunda, Lorenz Martini, von Braunbach, Haderburg, "36" Kellerei Meran, Kettmeir, Kellerei Kaltern and St. Pauls!

The Vinum Hotels South Tyrol July Wine Letter is dedicated to the best South Tyrolean bottles of sparkling wine which we have been saving for the holiday weeks!
Surprising news for all sparkling wine enthusiasts: The South Tyrolean sparkling wine community has had an addition! The Kurtatsch Winery has decided to make its first sparkling wine to mark the event of its one hundred and twenty-year anniversary! Not just any sparkling wine, but rather: ""If we start a sparkling wine project, then only with the goal of being among the absolute best", said president Andreas Kofler setting the agenda.
This goal was embraced and the first "600" was bottled from the ideal sparkling wine vintage of 2014.

Surrounded by the some of the most spectacular landscapes in Italian viticuture, the Kurtatsch Winery is located directly on the South Tyrolean Wine Route in a village of the same name. It is one of the oldest and smallest winery cooperatives in South Tyrol and today is one of the best wine producers in the region.

The Kurtatsch vineyards located between 220 and 900 meters above sea level with their diverse soil types are unique in Europe. These soils define the philosophy of the southernmost wine cooperative of/in the province: to produce distinctive wines that unmistakably reflect their location or better said, their terroir to perfection.

The name of this new sparkling wine is the average of the altitude from where the grapes originate - 600 metres above sea level. The unique geological and geographical conditions in the district of Penon at 600 meters above sea level are the reason and the prerequisite for the production of an excellent signature sparkling wine with a character distinctive of its terroir.

The hand-picked Chardonnay grapes come exclusively from old vines. After fermenting in the bottle, the sparkling wine ages on the yeast for 55 months. And then in the glass, exhibits stable, fine perlage. Fruity nuances of white peach and yellow tropical fruit, some quince and brioche. Creamy yet firm texture, mineral and salty finish. 600 BLANC DE BLANCS: a Kurtatscher sparkling wine of uncompromising excellence!

The Meran Burggräfler Winery has also come up with an outstanding new "pearl":
Brut Riserva 36 is a fruity, mature South Tyrolean sparkling wine - naturally fermented according to the classic production method in the bottle! - with crisp acidity and fine-grained perlage. The greenish-yellow colour shines with a golden shimmer. This sparkling wine characterises itself with exciting flavours of bread crust, a light yeast note and a hint of pineapple, green apples and vanilla. Harmonious on the palate, with an irresistibly long finish.
The Vinum Hotel August Wine Letter
“Whoever has worries also has liqueur!” - some South Tyrolean schnapps stories for the summertime!

It is a tradition for the elderly:
whoever has worries also has liqueur! (Wilhelm Busch, German humourist, taken from “Die fromme Helene” Spirits are often colloquially referred to as schnapps. The word schnapps comes from the Low German language and is related to the word "schnappen", which refers to the fact that schnapps is usually drunk in a quick swig from a small glass (Kurzer, Stamperl, Schnapper, Schnabbes – all referring to colloquialisms for shot glasses).

The South Tyrolean homo mortalis has long since been meticulously, constantly experimenting, on a quest to improve the world and the palate: there's balsamic vinegar from Seis, whisky from Glurns, Amarone from Bozen Lagrein and now also rum from Gargazon.

The VINUM-Hotels South Tyrol August Wine Letter is dedicated to the best South Tyrolean bottles of schnapps which we have been collecting for the summer!