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Asparagus season in South Tyrol – a springtime celebration with fresh, fragrant white wines
The homeland of South Tyrolean asparagus is Terlano/Terlan – or more precisely, the asparagus triangle between Settequerce, Terlano and Vilpiano, where more than half of South Tyrol’s annual crop is harvested. Asparagus is successfully marketed at Kellerei Terlan under a protected designation of origin: Margarete.
Ancient Egypt was not only the melting pot of the Western World’s greatest cultures, it is also considered to be the birthplace of the asparagus. It was only 3,000 years later that the ancient Greeks and Romans also began to appreciate the savory shoots. The Romans made the asparagus known north of the Alps, but it soon fell into oblivion once again. Then in 1568, its cultivation began anew in Germany.

The asparagus exerted its position as the king of vegetables in South Tyrolean cookbooks only towards the end of the Habsburg monarchy. It was courageous and daring Terlano innkeepers like Patauner or Schwarz-Huber who had grown a bit of asparagus more than one hundred years ago, in order to be able to lure the staid city folk from Bolzano and Merano out into the country by means of succulent asparagus sticks and strong Bozner sauce. Over the course of the twentieth century, as apples gradually replaced wheat and corn from the Adige Valley area, the asparagus lost even its small niches. “The fact that the asparagus never completely disappeared in Terlan is due to our restaurateurs who offered the Asparagus Weeks in spring,” says Georg Höller, an asparagus grower, winemaker and the chairman of Kellerei Terlan.

When the apple market slowed in the 1990s, a few fruit growers shifted to cultivating asparagus. In 1995 the Asparagus Association was founded in close collaboration with Kellerei Terlan, where the noble vegetables were delivered, washed, cut, chilled, temporarily stored and quickly sold. The protected name of asparagus from Terlano, Margarete, evokes the town’s most famous historical personality: the self-assured Margarethe of Maultasch, Countess of Tyrol in the Middle Ages.

The king of vegetables also grows extraordinarily well in the Venosta/Vinschgau Valley. Delicious asparagus grows here in the sandy soil of Castelbello/Kastelbell. Asparagus enthusiasts flock to the small farms of the Venosta Valley in April and May, when the Asparagus Weeks event take place.

The Vinum Hotels of South Tyrol promote and support asparagus grown locally. In asparagus season the hotels serve refined, light spring dishes in which the noble Alpine asparagus takes center stage. As a pairing, the experienced sommeliers of the Vinum Hotels South Tyrol recommend one of South Tyrol’s leading white wine varieties: Sauvignon Blanc, a real insider tip when it comes to accompanying asparagus dishes.
Aromas typical of South Tyrolean Sauvignon Blanc include elderberry blossom, nettle and yellow peppers. Due to its delicate bouquet and very fresh aromas, this white wine compliments asparagus in a very special way. On the palate, you’ll find an intriguing interplay of juicy fruit aromas juxtaposed against a fine minerality, combining to form a strikingly harmonious richness, followed by a powerful and long finish.

South Tyrol’s wine cellars bottle the new vintage of Sauvignon just in the nick of time for asparagus season. Sauvignon has a fresh aroma that can almost be described as exotic, making it the perfect companion for spring fever – best drunk just as the trees are sprouting and shoots are pushing themselves out of the soil.

Now the VINUM Hotels of South Tyrol join us in looking forward to April, when we can finally gobble up some delicious asparagus!
Preview of the Vinum Hotel Wine Story in May

"Where does Italy’s best Burgundy wine grow?"
The Pinot Noir Days of Egna/Neumarkt and Montagna/Montan have contributed significantly to the marked success of South Tyrolean Pinot noir. The best Italian Pinot noir is honored during this tasting festival in May. Recent prize results have truly ennobled South Tyrolean winegrowers and enologists: over the last ten years, eight South Tyrolean wines have won!

In May, the Vinum Hotel Wine Tale is dedicated to Pinot noir, the most elegant red in the entire wine world!