Valdadige/Mittleres Etschtal

Wines with aging potential

As a result of expanding fruit-growing, wine cultivation has retreated to the best sites in the valleys and on the slopes. The quality of the white wines and – in smaller niches – of Lagrein and Pinot noir is outstanding

Long-lasting white wines, fruity red wines

Because of their enigmatic saltiness and freshness, Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Pinot blanc from Terlan enjoy world renown, and not only as young wines. In vertical tastings of bottles more than 50 years old, journalists from around the world are always amazed and excited about their longevity. Lagrein and Merlot from Andrian offer a dense core of fruit and an elegant, creamy texture. Mountain Pinot blanc from Nals-Sirmian is a real insider tip.