Bolzano and Environs/Bozen und Umgebung

Talfer Lagrein and St. Magdalena Vernatsch

In summer, the Bolzano Basin is sometimes so hot that the daily temperature peaks are the highest in Italy. The best Lagrein ripens on the gravelly alluvial s oil formed by the River Talfer. On the warm St. Magdalena Hill, the most powerful Vernatsch, named after its location, is cultivated.

Lagrein and St. Magdalener – the city's ambassadors of wine

Lagrein and the Vernatsch known as Bozenäre were recorded as valuable local wines in medieval documents. The heavy, dark-red Lagrein is one of most important of South Tyrol's leading red varieties. The St. Magdalena preservation consortium laid down a foundation in the twentieth century – through consultations, comparison tasting and the development of
guidelines for St. Magdalener – that allowed the St. Magdalena Hügel (Hill) to enjoy the highest esteem in the specialty wine press.

Vinum Hotels in the Wine-Growing Region Bolzano and Environs

Hotel Saltus

S. Genesio
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