Bassa Atesina/Unterland

Landscape with Mediterranean features

In comparison with other parts of South Tyrol, the southern tip of the province has consistently intense daytime warming. When the weather is wet, the grapes retain their good health through the Ora, a strong wind that rises from Lake Garda in the afternoons.

Warm soil, extreme altitudes and a wide array of varieties

The many cypress trees on the vine-covered hills are not the only element that is reminiscent of Tuscany's wine hills: these elegant red wines from lower lying slopes have a Mediterranean power and character. On south-facing sites in Margreid, Kurtatsch and Tramin, international-caliber Merlot and Cabernet thrive. Italy's best known Pinot noirs grow at Mazon, on the left side of the valley, while delicate Sauvignons and Pinot blanc are cultivated at Buchholz-Salurn. Tramin-Söll is the grand cru: the premium site for Gewürztraminer.

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