Weingut & Genusshotel Spitalerhof ***s

Chiusa -
Cultivation zone Valle Isarco (Info)
from 70,00€
inkl. half pension
Coste 46 - 39043 Chiusa
Phone +39 0472 847612
Nicely matured - People with character
Anyone who knows us knows that we are always up for the good things in life. That we are doers and makers. The type that are happy to get their hands dirty and never count the hours in the day. Anyone who knows us also knows that we are keen for new ideas. No matter how crazy they might at first seem. Perhaps they are also what make the Spitalerhof special. Especially close to nature. Especially close to what defines us as hosts and people.
Good roots - Our values

We think that a holiday should be as multifaceted and full-bodied as a fine wine. An experience that nourishes one long afterwards. With memories and stories that are enjoyable to tell at home time and time again. So long and so often that really everyone knows them. That’s why we invite our guests to take part. To get involved. To feel for themselves what sets us apart: the trust in our own and a love of what surrounds us. The nature of South Tyrol. Our vine terraces, fields and orchards. Knowledge that has ripened with time and experience. Ancient traditions that are carried on in our everyday activities. Much of what we do is still genuine manual work and craftsmanship.

Eating and drinking well - A great gut feeling

What is it that makes the Spitalerhof a luxury hotel? A gut decision. For goodness, for quality, for our own. Perhaps though, too, it is the passion that can be tasted in everything that fills our plates, bowls and glasses. And the craftsmanship, the time. Many of the seasonal products that we use in our kitchen, in the wine cellar, in the distillery or the ice cream factory come from our own terraces, orchards, gardens and fields. The wine, the fruit, the brandies - and even the eggs. Everything delivered from within a stone’s throw. And when we don’t have a product growing here, then our friends help us.

Claudia’s ice cream factory - Hot for ice cream

Ice cold, creamy, sweet and... what else? When ice cream tastes of rosemary, Swiss stone pine, elderflower or South Tyrolean chestnut and makes your taste buds do a little dance, then it probably comes straight from Claudia’s ice cream factory. Whilst Muga - otherwise known as Michael - expresses his culinary creativity with the pots and pans in the kitchen, Claudia dedicates herself to her ice-cold creations - depending on the season, the ice cream sundaes have resonant names such as “strawberry meets elderflower”. Every spoonful is an experience in its own right!
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