Hotel Saltus ****s

S. Genesio -
Cultivation zone Bolzano and environs (Info)
from 146,00€
inkl. half pension
Freigasse 8 - 39050 San Genesio Atesino
Phone +39 0471 155 1190
Room: 28

Living nature because we are nature

An eco-hotel with the highest standards of sustainability and design, comfort and beauty

ECO Hotel Saltus is located right on the edge of the forest, high up on a mountain at an altitude of 1,100 metres, yet only 9 km from the regional capital Bolzano. Encompassed by the natural force of the mystical Salten and the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the hotel offers a stage for authentic, environmentally conscious relaxation.

The wet areas and pool areas of the hotel are located on the highest point - the roof, whereas the spa and sauna areas are located at the lowest point - like a glass nest glass weightlessly floating through the forest.

The day is framed by the Saltus relaxation program, daily introductions to the most tried and tested relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation, forest bathing etc. Those looking for a change of perspective from a relaxing hike will find it in the saddle of a Hafling horse or on an E-bike.
  • Eco Hotel
  • Sky Pools and Forest Spa
  • Saltus Relaxation Program
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