Wine Festival in Caldaro/KalternMap

Where: Caldaro
When: 14.08.2019-17.08.2019
Wine represents the „fil rouge” running through Caldaro. In his honour and for decades now, the local band “Bürgerkapelle Kaltern”, has been celebrating the popular “Kalterer Weinfest. Four consecutive evenings in the mid of August, during which Via delle Cantine, transforms itself into a wonderful open-air party: a lot of music, traditional specialties such as Strauben, meat and pasta dishes and of course, Caldaro’s renowned wine are main features of this event. Further information concerning the music program are available online, on the web page of the Bürgerkapelle Kaltern. Beginning: 6 pm. Admission free.

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The following hotels are participating at this event

Hotel Girlanerhof

Unique hotel with lavish wine tasting in the farmhouse parlor

Hotel Seeleiten

Hotel with a masoned wine cellar made from stone blocks