Bassa Atesina Wine-TastingMap

Where: Ora
When: 20. - 22.08.2020
During the Bassa Atesina wine-tasting-days the wine is on the main focus. Along the wine-mile, the best wines are tasted, compared and awarded at the castle ‘Baumgarten’ in Ora.

The event introduces those wines, which are native in the Bassa Atesina. Therefore, you can get a good overview of the wine-tastes and the wine-production in this area.

Wine connoisseurs and wine lovers have a get-together where they talk, taste and enjoy. Musical interpreters and culinary delicacies accompany the evenings. The best wines will also be awarded.

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The following hotels are participating at this event

Hotel Elefant

History-steeped ambience with daily wine tasting